Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Job!

Just over 12 months ago I took on a job at my son's school as the Tuckshop Convenor. I didn't really know what to expect. I mean you just make lunches right? But in a world of Food Safety and Smart Choices it's SO much more complicated than that. I can only serve certain kinds of foods, I need to monitor how many servings of Amber foods children are having a day.
I had to do a course to prove I knew about safely storing and preparing foods.

I really love my job. I enjoy the children, and the staff at my school, and I love the Hours!

We are about to have 2 weeks Holiday so I only have one more day of work this week. Friday will be spent stocktaking and cleaning before the break.

I cannot wait!

Last weekend one of my suppliers had an Expo where they got all their suppliers together and we all got to wander around and try things, ask questions and get great deals on products.
I was so nervous! I went by myself, and a lot of other schools had a bunch of people. It was my first experience at this.
You could tell the old hands, they brought trolley's to carry all the samples in. And they had their lists of questions, they took multiple servings of the samples on offer.
I toddled in with just my handbag, alone, and when I took a sample I just took one of everything. Next time I'll know exactly what to do!

But I did get some great ideas for new products.
I've been quite nervous thus far to change much but now I feel in order to 'stake my claim' on my Tuckshop I need to shake things up.

So I started today by cleaning out the cupboards and throwing away boxes and boxes of old newsletters, and pricelists and catalogues.

Clutter annoys me, shame I can't be more ruthless at home though, so I cleared some!
I felt better and more positive immediately!


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